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    2. Positive sign

      The Public Health Ministry closed the country's best field hospital earlier set up in Nonthaburi to treat Covid-19 patients in Greater Bangkok due to a decline in caseloads.

      17:52 4

      Misery lingers

      More than 200,000 households in 31 provinces flooded during the past week of storms, and the flooding persists in 18 provinces to the north of Bangkok.

      15:56 10

      +11,646 Covid cases

      An increase in new coronavirus infections, but the daily death toll is down from 122 to 107.

      15:00 47

      'No repeat'

      Experts and government authorities have given assurances Thailand will not face a repeat of the 2011 deluge that devastated the country.

      04:00 88

      Pleading for relief

      Tourism operators in flood-hit provinces are urging the government to help resolve the flooding before the domestic subsidy campaigns start next month.

      05:11 16

      Uptick in Q4

      The Bank of Thailand believes the economy bottomed out in the third quarter and should gradually pick up from the fourth quarter.

      05:00 25

      The gods of Ratchaprasong

      After a two-month hiatus, Life's hop-on, hop-off series returns with a trip to historical central Bangkok where you can pray, eat and shop.

      04:00 3

      Last updated: Sep 30, 2021 at 22:50 hrs.

      Thailand situation

      • Total cases:1,603,475
      • Recovered:1,470,673
      • Daily New Cases:11,646
      • Deaths:16,727
      • Rank:28
      editor’s pick

      The gods of Ratchaprasong

      After a two-month hiatus, Life's hop-on, hop-off series returns with a trip to historical central Bangkok where you can pray, eat and shop.

      04:00 3
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      Source: Bank of thailand (30 Sep 2021)
      • Bangkok Cloudy
        28° /33°
      • Phuket Cloudy
        25° /33°
      • Surat Thani Rainy
        23° /34°
      • Pattaya Rainy
        27° /31°
      • Chiang Mai Cloudy
        24° /35°
      • Kanchanaburi Cloudy
        27° /34°
      Source: settrade.com (30 Sep 2021)
      GASOHOL 91
      GASOHOL 95
      GASOHOL E20
      GASOHOL E85
      Source : PTT (30 Sep 2021)
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      BAR (1 BAHT WEIGHT, 96.5%)
      ORNAMENT (1 BAHT WEIGHT, 96.5%)
      Source: GoldTraders (30 Sep 2021)

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